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The Design Computation Chair is Dr. Abel Maciel. Current Advisors, Officers, Volunteer and Other Directors of DC I/O are listed below.




About Design Computation

Design Computation was established with the premise that computational design methods should benefit from the scientific method and whenever possible, be cross-referenced in the many fields of design to promote improvement and diversification of design disciplines.

The way the conference is organised aims to assist in the understanding of the physical and digital relationships of producing design. It focusses on the many channels to capture the data necessary to inform design (e.g. reality capture), the processes – natural and/or digital – of articulating this data input to accomplishing design, and outcomes of these processes as artefacts and references of study in the domain of computational design research.

The conference papers are peer-reviewed and include the classic structure of a literature review, hypothesis, methodology, results, and discussion but they give particular emphasis to the structured statement of the computational method used and how this method represents a progression in the field of research. Accepted papers have to demonstrate testable evidence in the progression of a working hypothesis of a computational method for design.